Good morning everyone, it's earth day!! I think we all need to take time to appreciate our earth everyday, not just today. Humanity as a whole are very bad about this. We treat our beloved home planet like trash and it's sad. Would YOU want to live in a pile of trash? No? Then be more conscious about your everyday choices! All that plastic packaging from your take out dinner last night is going straight to the landfill and it ALL piles up! Years and years of waste and plastic all build up. And where does it go? No one really knows! It's not that hard to make smarter choices. One choice at a time is all it takes. Use a glass or a reusable to drink out of instead of a plastic cup or bottle. Just don't be wasteful! This is one of the reasons why I love Lush. I get almost all my stuff from them because I admire their values and their nonwasteful packaging. They even let you send back 5 black tubs for a free face mask! I mean who wouldn't be down for that?!? Man I love Lush. Anyway, another thing I wanted to talk about today is a post I saw last night on reddit from a nurse in NYC who claims her hospital is forcing her to falsely diagnose people with corona virus just to make more money. Why am I not surprised?? I don't even have any social media except reddit and somehow I still stay in the loop of all this shit. I TRY to go out of my way to NOT be in the loop because people are falling for this crap left and right! They cough once and omg they must have the virus!! Gotta get them to a hospital!! Just being out in public people will look at you like you cursed their ancient grandmother if you're not completely suited up. But this nurse said that if someone comes to her hospital with flu-like symptoms, they are told to falsely diagnose the patient because covid patients are extremely profitable right now. They charge SO MUCH MONEY for tests, room and food, etc. AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE VIRUS!!! How can the healthcare system be this corrupt!?! How is this even legal?? It's not!! But the public is so preoccupied and panicked right now that you can't get a hold of any lawyers!! It's ridiculous. If I develop any symptoms I'd rather just die, spare my precious life from the horrific way the world has become. I wouldn't go to a hospital because they'd milk me for all of my money when I'm a broke college student with no money to spare. Why of earth would I want to be saved and kept in this horrible world for longer?!?! It's always the rich eating the poor. The poor should eat the rich. I wish it was optional to live life like everyone else and have insurance and pay taxes and all this mandatory stuff that you can't find a way around. I don't want insurance. I don't care. If I get in an accident, oh well, it's my fault! Life today is so awful. Everything is set out for you the day you are born. You get no wiggle room to become who you want, or if you do, it's to a certain extent. The rich control who they want to be famous or well-known. If you want to be president but you're poor FORGET IT KID!!! Go flip burgers like you were meant to. It's so sad! Us people who aren't rich all live slight variations of the same life. We all go to school for 18 years, work, get married, have kids, and die. That's how the average human's life is in this day and age and its pitiful. Why can't I go live on an island in Fiji away from all you people? Why can't I decide one day that I want to be well known? Sure things take time, but if the rich and the government don't like you, they would never let you achieve what you want. The world is so corrupt. But we're all specks of dirt flying in space anyway so I try not the think about it too much. Ok...enough ranting for now, go outside and enjoy our mother earth! Because it is the only wholesome thing about today.